Handy Hints

Handy Hints when looking after your Air Conditioning unit.

Over the years we have found that many faults we are called out to could have been rectified by one of the simple steps below. 


In order to save yourself time and money, we'd like to share our HANDY HINTS just for you;

Check the mode

If you think your air conditioning unit isn't working to its optimum capacity then make sure it is in the correct mode. It may be that we have just come into summer and you're wanting to stay cool but your unit is still set to 'heating' mode. 


Change the batteries

If you can't get your unit to turn on/off but the remote still has a display, the batteries could be failing. Try changing the batteries for new to see if this helps.


Turn it off and on again!

That age old peice of advice that people roll their eyes at... sometimes it actually works! Electrical faults and errors can occur for many reasons but, in our area especially, the cause could be an electrical surge or drop. A power variation could cause your unit to fault and the lights will start flashing. Try switching your unit off at the circuit breaker and leaving it off for 20 minutes, this could clear any electrical faults or errors in the unit. This doesn't always work but it's worth a try. If it does work but the fault keeps re-occuring then your unit will need to be serviced.


Clean your filters

It is very important to clean your filters regularly. If you don't then it will have an adverse effect on your unit's performance. Blocked filters can eventually cause leaks or even damage the compressor. Cleaning your filters regularly will increase the longevity of your unit.


Clear the drain

The drain outside needs to be kept clear of debris. Weeds and dirt can block the drain and the outcome? The water will drain out of the unit the other way - down the wall from the indoor unit. 


Remove obstructions

Make sure the outdoor unit is kept clear and does not have anything around it that would restrict the air flow - this includes anything covering the unit, as well as weeds or shrubs around it. Your unit will not perform to it's optimum capacity if it does not have proper air flow. Even building a new fence closer to the outdoor unit can cause an issue. 



We hope these handy hints come in useful to some of you, and if you'd like any further advice then please feel free to call us in the office, we're always happy to help!